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In 2011, a blue chip US based multinational approached Language Insight with a significant workload problem that needed a bespoke technical solution in order to translate mass volumes of data for their world leading clients in both the transport and technological sectors.

This challenging task encompassed high volumes of native language transcription, threaded with bespoke coding patterns to transcribe along with the speech; all of which demanded highly skilled, acutely trained transcribers, proofreaders and project coordinators in the main target markets – Core EU, Nordics, Lat-Am and APAC among others.


With mass volumes of several hundred thousand 5 to 30 seconds audio files in each project, we had to face the challenge of handling batches of upwards of 200gb of data, in a situation where loading and opening files alone was eating up the limited timelines we were fixed. Due to the scale of the project, coordinating multiple time zones was an additional stumbling block, as was training our staff on the implementation of a highly complex set of coding patterns, with limited and changeable instructions as our only guidance.


Language Insight very quickly designed a bespoke workflow solution to instantly load audio and text files.
Language Insight has its own Tier 1 fibre leased line and extensive on site servers, allowing secure and quick audio transfer.
Our team operate multiple shift patterns to allow for a US based client and manage linguists as far away as Australia.
We operate a bespoke coding library for each language. Furthermore, Language Insight developed a remote-based recruitment and training portal to allow for this unique method of combined translation and coding to live on.


Extensive file handling by translators was eradicated, making tight timelines more viable whilst still producing a quality output.
Zero time wasted uploading and downloading files and therefore less admin time, speeding up return times.
No time lost through time zone difficulties, resulting in meeting tight deadlines every time.
Continued training of our linguists and project coordinators to implement and adapt to the strictest coding rules and guidelines.
Unparalleled ability and quality, delivered within extremely challenging timelines.